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On behalf of all the members of the Groveland Baseball Board of Directors we would like to ask you for your support of approximately 200 youth baseball players in the town of Groveland this coming season.  It is only with the continued support of area businesses that we have been able to upgrade our facility each year enhancing the enjoyment of the game for the children of Groveland.  Over the past couple of years some of the projects that we completed included development of a 50/70 field at Washington Park, installation of a new outfield fence, an additional scoreboard, equipment upgrades & increased summer and fall tournament participation.  Without the sponsorship support we would not be able to achieve these and many other goals.

We have begun to make a concentrated effort for the upcoming season to secure sponsorships & interest levels to ensure continued improvements and player development.  We have lofty goals for Groveland baseball this year.  We look forward to another exciting year providing the best baseball experience for all of the players in the Groveland Baseball League.  Can you get involved with a sponsorship?

GBL is a Massachusetts non-profit 501(C)(3) approved organization.  We offer the following five (5) sponsorship levels:


GBL Sponsorship Levels:

Outfield Sign Sponsorship ($150 annual fee)

You can work with GBL to have it manufactured via our company contractor or you can have it manufactured on your own and delivered to the park. We will hang the sign. The sign must be 4’X8’ and may be purchased for a one time fee of $150, for the cost of the sign, plus a $150 annual fee.

Team Hat and Shirt Sponsorship ($375 annual fee per team)

There are a limited amount of teams available for sponsorship. Your company name will be silk screened on the back of the team shirt AND hat worn by each player and coaching staff. An annual fee of $375 per team is required. 

Information Center Sponsorship ($100 annual fee)

The epicenter of activity at Washington Park during the season, the GBL Information Center provides up-to-date league information for parents, team standings, schedules, home run leaders etc. $100 annual fee. 

Dugout Sponsorship ($275 annual fee)

The sign will be 4’X8’ and may be purchased for a one time fee of $150, for the cost of the sign, plus a $275 annual fee (Sign will be hung on the outside of the dugout): Space is currently limited to both AA dugouts and one Majors dugout. 




You can also register by downloading a sponsorship form HERE and mail it to the address below.

Make Checks Payable to:
GBL or Groveland Baseball League

Send to:
GBL - Sponsorships

PO Box 57
Groveland, MA 01834